The Space in Between: Correcting Common Tooth Spacing Problems

The Space in Between: Correcting Common Tooth Spacing Problems

Maybe you’ve never had a Hollywood smile, but you’ve always been secretly jealous of the smiles that your friends, family, or strangers have. You might have wanted to have a picture-perfect smile but thought that closing your tooth gap was too expensive or that you’re too old for it. That’s a common misconception. There’s plenty of inexpensive ways to fix your smile, even as an adult including dental crowns and bridges in Houston, TX.

Causes for Gaps:

There are numerous reasons why you might have improperly spaced teeth.

  • Thumb-sucking is a common thing for children to do. However, this is something you should curb in your child as soon as you see their teeth starting to come in. It can cause teeth to grow improperly. If you were like many children that didn’t stop sucking their thumb, it could account for why you have gaps in your teeth.
  • Skin Overgrowth is another problem that many people suffer. This happens when excess skin grows between your teeth and pushes them apart. There are options for removing excess gum and then straightening your teeth with braces.
  • Swallowing problems can occur during childhood. You might not know it, but there is an improper way to swallow. Sometimes people have a tongue thrust that pushes against their front teeth and that can cause misalignments.
  • Periodontal disease happens when someone doesn’t have good oral hygiene. It can be caused by an imbalance of bacteria in your mouth that could have started way back in childhood. This can cause for the tooth to separate from the gum and causes the tooth to loosen and then fall out, which can create gaps and spaces.

Fixing the Gap

There are common solutions for these problems which can include dental bridges in Houston, dental crowns in Houston, and braces near you. The following list can help correct teeth gaps.

Veneers are thin coverings that can correct the size and shape of a tooth.

Crowns and bridges are used for damaged teeth and can help fix spacing.

Braces correct the most problematic gapping or spacing issues. There are many types available, such as traditional metal braces, Invisalign, and ceramic braces.

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