Your First Visit

Your First Visit

If you are a new patient at Dr. Lewis’ Houston, TX dental office, welcome! We want you to have a positive experience with our dentist and dedicated team. Here we have provided things to know ahead of time and what to expect during your first dental visit. If you have any questions, feel free to call us at (713) 781-1733, or contact us by email at

What to Expect

At your first visit, Dr. Lewis will perform a comprehensive oral exam, which includes a visual checkup, periodontal screening, and a diagnosis. He will closely examine each of your teeth, the soft tissues, and the entire anatomy of your mouth. Digital images are often taken during the initial appointment to scan for cavities, bone loss, and any other dental issues. Dr. Lewis will also look for tissue abnormalities and signs of oral cancer. A complete oral examination allows for early diagnosis of budding dental problems. Oral health issues are easier to treat at the beginning stages.

Probing for periodontal conditions is also part of an initial exam to evaluate gum health, and screen for any sign of gum disease. In addition, a bite analysis will also be performed to identify any orthodontic concerns.

Treatment Plans

After you first comprehensive exam, your Houston dentist will go over his findings with you and discuss the condition of your oral cavity. Treatment suggestion with then is offered to repair any dental issues that were detected. Our knowledgeable team will explain your options and answer any questions, so you can make well-educated decisions about your oral care. We are always happy to address any concerns about your dental health and corrective treatments.

Contact Dr. Jeff Lewis’ office in Houston, TX today to find out more about your first visit and initial oral exam, and to schedule your appointment.

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