Adding Teeth Whitening To Your Beauty Routine?

Adding Teeth Whitening To Your Beauty Routine?

When it comes to a beautiful appearance, your smile is often the first thing that people notice. When teeth are discolored, stained or even dulled, it can leave the wrong first impression. At the practice of Jeff Lewis, DDS we are proud to offer professional teeth whitening in Houston, TX for our patients interested in improving the color and appearance of their smile.

Over-The-Counter vs. Professional Teeth Whitening

Although there are many products that claim to provide teeth whitening, how do you know which to pick? At Jeff Lewis, DDS we only recommend professional teeth whitening, as over-the-counter options are known to provide little to no results, gum irritation and even tooth sensitivity. Store-bought teeth whitening products are designed only to remove exterior staining, something your toothbrush can also easily do.

Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

When it comes to professional teeth whitening, there are many benefits over the alternatives, which include:

  • Professional teeth whitening is designed to remove both exterior and interior staining.
  • Professional teeth whitening provides results in just one appointment.
  • Professional teeth whitening is less likely to result in tooth sensitivity or gum irritation.
  • Professional teeth whitening provides results that can last for months with proper care.

Houston Teeth Whitening Process

During your professional teeth whitening treatment in Houston, the lips and gums are first protected. First, the Lumibrite Desensitizing Enhancer is applied and allowed to dry for one minute. Next, the whitening gel is applied to the teeth. After 30 minutes the gel is removed and your smile is checked. Another session of whitening gel is typically applied for another 30 minutes.

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