Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Looking to have a bright white smile? It can be hard to get your teeth as white as you would like, but luckily we feature the amazing Lumibrite teeth whitening system!

Many home products claim to be able to whiten your teeth, but most over the counter products take weeks or months to whiten your teeth a shade or two. For most people, this takes far too long and is not practical.

With a professional Lumibrite treatment, your teeth can get several shades whiter with just one visit! After consulting with your dentist, they will recommend the strength of the concentration of hydrogen peroxide that will help you achieve your desired results. After your teeth are properly cleaned, and all plaque and calculus have been removed, the treatment can begin.

To protect them, your lips and gum are isolated before the whitening process begins. First, the Lumibrite Desensitizing Enhancer is allowed to set for one minute, and then the whitening gel is applied to the teeth and cured. After 30-minute, the gel is removed, and you will be asked to rinse. The shade will be checked and if more whitening is necessary, another 30-minute treatment is done. It is also important to remember that the final tooth shade may whiten even further once rehydrated.

To maintain your beautiful white smile, be sure to avoid the worse teeth stainers, especially for a week or two after treatment: coffee, red wine, beets, tobacco smoke (just quit that one altogether, OK?). At home whitening kits can also be purchased to maintain a beautiful white appearance for years to come.

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