Dentures & Partials Houston

Looking for dentures near you? When more than one tooth is missing in an area, dentures and partials can be used to take the place of the missing natural teeth. This helps to not only fill in the missing space cosmetically, but also helps to maintain facial shape and to stop the neighboring teeth from spreading. Each patient’s needs for dental restoration is unique, and Dr. Lewis and his team make sure that each of our patients gets the smile of their dreams.

Fixed Bridges Houston

This option is ideal for an area with a few missing teeth with the neighboring teeth in proper condition. Using crowns affixed to these neighboring teeth, also called abutment teeth, a bridge with artificial teeth is affixed.

Partial Dentures Houston, TX

When one or more teeth remain viable and full dentures are not an option, partial dentures are used to fill in the gaps. They are custom made for each person depending on the teeth that are remaining. The advantage of being able to remove the partial denture is the ability to clean and soak it overnight easily.

Houston Dentures 77057

Looking for dentures in Houston, TX? When all of the teeth in the upper or lower part of the mouth are gone, full dentures are used to replace the natural teeth. Traditional dentures are held in place using suction and/or adhesive. For patients that are able to get dental implants, dentures can also be attached via the implants to give the wearer even more confidence and to avoid strain on the gums.

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