How to Travel with CPAP? 3 Tips on How to Travel with Sleep Apnea

How to Travel with CPAP? 3 Tips on How to Travel with Sleep Apnea

With trips to see your family for the holidays just around the corner, Jeff Lewis, DDS, and his support staff would love the opportunity to help those of our patients with sleep apnea to get the most out of their trips. Many of our own patients have even admitted that they don’t travel with their CPAP machines, but they should not let travel get in the way of their crucial therapy. Thanks to modern technology, our sleep apnea patients can travel with ease.

This ease comes in the form of smaller therapy machines, versatile accessories, and updated FAA regulations. Let’s take a look at three tips that will help to make traveling with sleep apnea something you can look forward to.

1. Pack as a Carry On

CPAP machines are considered medical devices and these are covered under the Americans with Disability Act. With this in mind, they don’t count as one of your carry-on items, making it a great idea to take your machine on the plane with you. Having the machine with you can then circumvent any problems that might come with lost luggage. There are smaller travel-specific CPAP machines that are easier and more convenient to carry with on board, and if you are frequent flyer may be worth the money to purchase a smaller secondary machine.

2. Bring Your Prescription

Our dental professionals highly recommend that you have your prescription and note of medical necessity from your doctor available while traveling with a CPAP machine. This can expedite any security processes in case there are questions regarding what your machine is and why you need it. In the case that your machine breaks or you do need additional supplies while traveling, a copy of your prescription will be of great use.

3. Check with Your Airlines

By also becoming familiar with your airline carrier’s policy regarding CPAP machines, you can get to know if your airline allows machines to be used in Flight. If you do plan on using your sleep apnea machine during your flight, check for power outlet availability on the plane.

Remember that sleep apnea should not hinder your plans to travel the world. Don’t leave your machine at home as this therapy is crucial for those that live with sleep apnea. If you would like more information on the matter feel free to contact our office located in Houston, TX.

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