Create a Winning Smile with Porcelain Veneers

Create a Winning Smile with Porcelain Veneers

In today’s age of advanced convenience through online shopping, advanced quality isn’t always included. Take your smile for instance: did you know that you can now order do-it-yourself dental veneers online? Certainly, these veneers would come at a lower cost, but that doesn’t mean they are worth your money. Do-it-yourself veneers consistently appear bulky and unnatural. Worst of all, they give professional dental veneers a bad name.

Some people believe that all porcelain veneers look unnatural, but that just isn’t the case. With professional veneers, it is unlikely that someone who didn’t know what your teeth looked like before would even remotely guess that you have dental veneers for any reason besides the fact that they look so great.

How are Permanent Veneers Placed?

Another common misconception about veneers that turn people away is the thought that your teeth are filed down to nothing more than a nub before the veneers are placed onto your teeth. That just isn’t the case. Professional veneers are so thin, that only an extremely layer of the tooth enamel needs to be filed down in order for your veneers to fit in a natural way onto your tooth. If no tooth enamel was filed down at all, then the veneers would sit strangely on top of your teeth, instead of fitting onto them.

Once a thin layer is filed away, your dentist will then take an impression of your teeth of which to form your new professional veneers. A temporary set of veneers will be given to you until your professional set of veneers arrive. At that point, you can enjoy a beautiful customized smile!

If you have any more questions about dental veneers and their benefits as opposed to do-it-yourself veneers, feel free to give us a call or to stop by our office today!

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