Brush Your Way to Better Oral Health

Brush Your Way to Better Oral Health

Our dentist stresses the importance of proper and regular brushing. Brushing will protect your oral health and keep your pearly whites shining. Have you ever considered what to look for in a toothbrush or what the proper way to brush your teeth is? To learn more about proper brushing, our dentists encourage you to continue reading on.

Toothbrush Basics

It is common knowledge the importance to brush your teeth at least twice a day and to brush your teeth for at least two minutes. Our dentists recommend waiting a half an hour after you eat to brush your teeth. This is because the sugars in the food you eat created acids by feeding the bacteria in your mouth caused by plaque. The acids cause your enamel on your teeth to soften and place them in a vulnerable position. Allow 30 minutes to pass before brushing your teeth. Frayed toothbrushes won’t effectively clean your teeth and gums. Try investing in a new toothbrush every three or four months for a healthy smile.

What to Look for in a Toothbrush

The most important aspect of choosing a toothbrush is the size of its head and its bristles. Choosing a brush with a small head and soft bristles will help to clean your teeth effectively. A small head will help to clean the hard to reach areas in your smile while soft bristles effectively clean plaque and debris from your teeth. Talk to your dentist to see if an electric toothbrush could benefit your smile.

Regular dental exams and cleanings are vital in maintaining a healthy smile. Contact our Jeff Lewis, DDS clinic to set up your next consultation with one of our dentists.

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