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Think you may need sleep apnea treatment in Houston, TX? Estimates show that close to 30 million people suffer from Sleep Apnea, which causes them to stop breathing while sleeping for a few seconds or even up to a minute. When the muscles relax while sleeping, areas of soft tissue can also slacken or collapse. This can block the airways and cause pauses in breathing, which forces a person to wake up abruptly.

Symptoms of sleep apnea include:

  • Choking and/or gasping while sleeping
  • Chronic snoring
  • More commonly seen in men and people with excessive body weight

Overall health and energy levels are greatly impacted by the amount of sleep a person gets. When you suffer from sleep apnea, you, and potentially your partner, can start to experience poor health.

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Considering sleep apnea treatment in Houston? While more aggressive measures may need to be taken by your doctor, your dentist can help you with a very simple but effective custom mouthguard. The mouthpiece works by moving the jaw into the ideal position in order to force the airways to stay open. If bruxism or TMJ is also an issue for you, a custom mouthguard helps to fight that as well.

Sleep apnea is very serious, and if it is ignored, it can lead to many additional negative effects and disorders including:

Heart Disease

High Blood Pressure

Chronic acid reflux



Erectile dysfunction

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