wisdom tooth removal houston, tx

wisdom tooth removal houston, tx

You will more often hear about a person getting their wisdom teeth removed than a person who still has their wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth are actually remnants of an earlier era when our ancient ancestors had a diet that was high in fibrous plants and raw meat. More tooth surface and grinding power were needed. As our diets have evolved to involve softer foods, the extra tooth is often not necessary. Our jaws have also gotten smaller over the past centuries which often does not have space for this additional tooth.

It is generally between the ages of 17 and 21 when wisdom teeth will begin to break through the gum. Even if they look and feel like they are coming in properly, it is vital to have a dentist look at them to see if everything is going smoothly under the surface.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction Houston, TX

Wisdom teeth are generally removed due to:

  • They can cause damage to nearby teeth by moving them out of position if there is not enough space.
  • They can create difficult to clean areas due to coming out crooked or at an odd angle.
  • The wisdom teeth can also become impacted and get stuck under the gums.

Simple vs. Surgical Wisdom Teeth Removal Houston, TX

Dr. Lewis is experienced and qualified for simple removals of wisdom teeth. Based on the consultation and x-ray, we can let you know if a surgical consultation is needed for cases involving impacted wisdom teeth or broken teeth. As long as the tooth is coming out in a generally straight direction and has broken the gums, there should not be any issues with the extraction process.

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