Our Services

Quality Dentistry

We're not only focused on the quality of the work we do, we also focus on the quality of your overall experience with us. It's just another way we serve our patients.

Cutting Edge Technology

We utilize the best technology available in the dental industry today to ensure that your treatment is completed with comfort and precision. We're very conscious of this.

Utmost Care

We take the utmost care when working with our patients. It's why a lot of people who claim to be "fraidy cats" leave our office with a new perspective.

Dental Services

At Dr. Lewis' office, we always look forward to providing you with the best services you can find in Houston.

Our services include the following :

Dental Services Overview

Dr. Lewis, offers a wide range of dental procedures.

Our office staff puts in a little extra time each year to learn more about dentistry, through continuing education courses, so we can provide quality services to our patients. By offering a full line of treatment options we reduce the need for patients having to go all over town to complete their treatment. Though we do refer out some procedures, on occasion, to ensure our patients get the best dental treatment available.

Houston Cosmetic Dentist

Combining the best of aesthetics and the complex theories of dentistry, our Cosmetic Dentistry services will boost your confidence level to places you never thought it could reach.

But, we're not concerned with only the way you look, we also take care to ensure that your mouth is healthy. The health of your mouth is important to the overall health of your body. Be sure to ask us about the significance of this in your next appointment. Our examinations include hard and soft tissue as well as oral cancer screenings.

Doctor’s advice

Crown Maintenance
Always brush your teeth and make sure to floss carefully around the crown. That's the best way to ensure that your crown lasts the rest of your life.